I am not a pack animal

I have been taking a break this past week. I knew where we were going and also that it would be more or less radio silence but I was surprised at the almost total lack of service from Vodafone which was refreshing but I could not even text or call Mrs O whilst I went […]

Black and White challenge – day 4

I have been entangled in the judiciary system now for nearly two weeks. I am not a willing participant, I am merely doing my duty. I have a background that exposed me to legal process from a very early age yet I am finding it difficult at times to grasp the rationale of the practices […]

Black and White challenge – day 3

This image was made outside a healthcare centre in Ipswich. It is where the healthcare workers go for a breath of fresh air in between dealing with people with all manner of illnesses brought about by genetics or lifestyle or just plain bad luck. Always nice to know the righteous have their vices.