Inspiration kicks in – Genesis Suffolk Style

So far this term, all 3 weeks of it, I have been struggling to juggle my balls and spin my plates. I always knew that this year would be the hardest academically speaking but somehow the sheer scale and also the dependency on other people to deliver products on time and to budget in an […]

Friday 13th September – ephemera

equals=ephemera’s penultimate day resulted in some interesting visitors and results. A day that started with having our dog Sam put down after living with us for 13 years had to have some positive results and a few are shown here. Let’s hope tomorrow will bring lots of people into our studios at Ipswich Town Hall.

Film or Digital?

In the seemingly never ending march of increased mega-pixel sensors do we take time to step back and ask whether we really need them? I have shot 6x6cm through to 35mm to early digital 3.3  mega-pixel through to 8 mega-pixel Dx and 12 mega-pixel Fx and back to 35mm film, 6x6cm film and 5×4″ film. […]

Formats – what to use?

I shoot in a variety of formats from 35mm film through APS sized, Dx and Fx digital to 6x6cm and 5×4″ film. I found over the years that that my taking rate rate increased drammatically even by not using the burst rate. I realised that I could afford to chance it and not really ‘waste […]