Mindful Snapshots


Some 10 minutes after sunrise Monday 10th July 2017

I have been making images since 1968 and perversely find myself having returned to base in that these days I am shooting a great deal of film that actually increases my awareness when shooting digital. Maybe we have all become a tad snap happy with digital but is this not unlike the Kodak Brownie revolution where photography became available to the masses? It is becoming harder to find the USP for jobbing photographers these days as we all know a decent image can be taken on a camera phone. I have finally succumbed to a smartphone. It has a usefulness especially in pictorial note taking and social media responsiveness but it is not my preferred tool of trade. Would a cabinetmaker use a rip saw to cut a tenon joint? I doubt it, it would be a tenon saw. Both cut wood but have entirely different outcomes.

These musings reflect my daily interaction with everything around me, often but not always with a camera to my eye.