2 for 1

Female Kingfisher with shadow
I have been away with Mrs. O to a favourite location in Cornwall. We last stayed in Mylor Churchtown in 2014 just before I formally graduated. Such is the popularity of the place, we had to book this past week last September!

Talk about weather! OK, nothing like the Caribbean, but we had everything bar snow and frost. Lashings of wind and torrential rain did not have me hunkering down as the newscasters kept saying this week. I wrapped the gear up in ‘packamac’ equivalents and braced myself.

I had worked out that the most likely area of activity would be up in Mylor Bridge in the intertidal waters and sure enough there was frenzied activity with possibly territorial disputes going on.

With yesterday morning dawning quite calm in relative terms I motored round to the small quayside rather than yomp the 3 miles as I knew I was in for a 7 hour drive through the night (better than 10-12 hours in daylight). There was a North wind blowing and that made it awkward for keeping a yard of glass steady but as predicted, there was a bird perched on the starboard rudder of a yacht, a place I had noted several days before. My logic for going to the quay was that cars and grockles come and go with regularity so at least a car pulling up would not spook the bird. She was as good as gold and came back later on giving me the bonus of two for one.

This image gives you an idea of the breezy condition with a stiff one up this Egret’s chuff.

More can be seen in the Cornwall gallery.

Knowing that I had a reasonable chance of some decent ‘non-bird-on-a-stick’ images made the 7 hours through the night more bearable.

Oh, and these were all back button focused for those who want to know these things.

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