Estuarine Mud

I have written here before about my rather too many years of commuting by rail into the smoke and the highlight of my journey being the approach to Manningtree from the North. I still marvel at the presence of fragile and very rare salt-marsh so close to a toxic factory site at Cattawade. I have […]

Flower Power

Now then. Most people of a certain age would think I am about to start writing about the 60s with a title like this. Yes, I am in my 60s and trying to cram as much into the daylight hours as possible, and yes I think the Lib Dems suggestion of legalising cannabis is a […]

Punch drunk on Kodak

I’ve pushed myself of late to get the large format cameras out to make images outside of my normal seasonal window. It is fair to say that finding my desired high pressure windows with little wind has been a struggle but the sheer excitement of making the images using old equipment and the despatch of […]

An abundance of bunds

I had to go out today, I just had to go out. Cabin fever was setting in and this was the first relatively low wind day for yonks. All the large format gear had been well tested and serviced over the weekend but despite the relative calm, it was just too bright and contrasty, and […]

Couldn’t quite make it

I marvel at the herculean efforts that some people must make to get so close to a litter bin yet fail to manage to lift the lid and deposit their crap in in it. I made this image today after a speculative visit to the Strand, an officially classified Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Scenes […]


Yes, I know. Where have the first 4 months of this year gone? Here we are on Mayday, and from where I am sitting there is something about the klaxon call of the international distress signal that is ringing in my ears, Mayday, Mayday, Mayday. I am one of those who fear the likely dictatorship […]

Our dependency on others

I often wonder at the constant motion our world is forever in, not only the rotating aspect of the planet or the cyclical phase of the moon and stars but of those people who work tirelessly through the night to ensure our expectations are met. That could be anyone from the emergency services through to […]

Up the swanny

I often wonder where phrases emanate from and have done so for as long as I can remember. Language is a curious thing especially when taken out of context or in cases where the context is misunderstood. Coming from up North, my expressions can still confuse people who have known me down South for the […]

Are our Police getting younger?

These days I ask that question a lot and it is not just police that seem to be younger than me, most people are. Not only are the police I have had to deal with of late younger, much younger than me there are very much fewer of them compared to years ago and I’m […]

More latent images

I normally do not shoot my Edgelands series during the summer months but this year I decided to revisit a place that has featured significantly in that series. The location is the old British Sugar factory entrance at Sproughton, a place that very much minded me of Keith Arnatt’s Miss Grace’s Lane, a series that […]