I’ve spent 8 days out of the last two weeks teaching Business Analysts to always ask the question ‘Why?’. Being a bit out of condition and not having harmed any film since 21st January and left it too late for early doors with the large format gear, I thought I’d better explore the Gipping if […]

Academician in the ascendancy

Of late I have started going backward, backwards that is as in the reverse direction to that which I normally pursue my early morning walks or bike rides. One sees things differently as the perspective is changed as is the light and shade. I don’t know why I have never clocked this as eye catching […]

Gummed up eyes does mean Spring is here

What an awful strap line but nevertheless very true. I could feel some changes coming on with my body all week and yesterday’s stroll and pause and stroll and pause along the Gipping at Barham manifested itself as reaction to tree pollen. The pussy willows were looking beautiful in the balmy spring air yesterday but […]

Of Labradors and Grebe

I went out this afternoon for a number of reasons; I needed a walk after too many hours testing website products on an agile project this week including this morning I needed to get my eye back in for wildlife especially as Spring is very much on its way I suppose it was seeing a […]

Up the swanny

I often wonder where phrases emanate from and have done so for as long as I can remember. Language is a curious thing especially when taken out of context or in cases where the context is misunderstood. Coming from up North, my expressions can still confuse people who have known me down South for the […]

The show must go on

Bumping into Kate Jackson on Friday night made me realise I had been neglecting my ongoing Edgelands work. The Spring and Summer has been far too wet and windy for the Large Format gear so I extended my parameters and began shooting some images digitally. Regular readers will know that if it is dry in […]

Decades come and go

I stayed up late last night, way past my bedtime to see out my 6th decade. I used to play golf before I went off to UCS to study photography and I still find the spring lushness and azaleas of Augusta National awe inspiring. So Mrs O elected to knit and watch telly in her […]

Today, I saw a weasel

I got a shock this morning when I tipped a certain weight on the bathroom scales so I went for a long walk. The last time I walked to Sproughton from Ipswich town centre along the Gipping path must have been in early 2011. Whilst at Uni, I fell out of the habit. The river […]

Just chillin’

I don’t know who Dave was. Yesterday, in my excitement over the Kingfisher, I decided not to post any of the other images I made. This bench on the Gipping path is something I see when I do my regular bicycle ride. This morning it was still raining here so no bicycle exercise for me, […]

What better way to start Boxing Day than sighting a Kingfisher

Yesterday I took it easy. I did not go out photographing as is my want most days. Instead I got stuck into setting the fire, peeling the spuds, roasting the beef, pulling the cork, devouring the beef and roasted vegetables and quaffing an extremely good Cos ’98. Top all that much later on with a […]