If you go down to the woods today…

I’ve been making a series ‘An Industrial Landscape’ and some of the images will be on show in the Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green during April in the ‘Viewpoints’ exhibition along with other Rooftop Collective photographers and invited artists who are responding to our work. Consuelo Simpson is responding to my work and I keen to […]

Back on location, and a bitterly cold one at that

I have vegetated of late, not in a totally senseless coach potato sort of way but nevertheless still vegetative when compared to my normal MO. Christmas came and went and I got stuck into the post production work on the 20 latent images referred to in my last post. That was very productive and so […]

Black and White challenge – day 4

I have been entangled in the judiciary system now for nearly two weeks. I am not a willing participant, I am merely doing my duty. I have a background that exposed me to legal process from a very early age yet I am finding it difficult at times to grasp the rationale of the practices […]

Black and White challenge – day 3

This image was made outside a healthcare centre in Ipswich. It is where the healthcare workers go for a breath of fresh air in between dealing with people with all manner of illnesses brought about by genetics or lifestyle or just plain bad luck. Always nice to know the righteous have their vices.

Sunshine esserts

People of a certain age might remember Leonard Rossiter in ‘The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin’. This image reminded me of those episodes and seemed to fit in with a dilemma I currently find myself in. In those episodes there was always a sketch in CJ’s office where the delivery of management speak was […]


Last night I was invited to a Cafe Scientifique presentation at Arlingtons bistro in Ipswich. This building was the original Ipswich Museum and is a fitting venue for these meetings. This time, it was one of my fellow artists Sarah Bale who had invited me. She had collaborated with an Orchid expert Martin Sanford at […]

Edgelands continued

Yesterday saw a full on 6 hours of shooting on large and medium format film. Plenty of Portra 160, 400 and Ektar in the can waiting to be processed. These are HP5+

Wrong side of the track 2………….

Today has been a whirlwind of a day. Truly and most utterly inclement weather this morning saw a delayed start to UCS work with renewing AOP membership, ordering even more film (where does it all go?) and then calling Sam Mellish of ‘Roadside Britain’ fame to ask if he could help out with our degree […]