Where did February go?

‘strewth, I cannot believe we are in March already. Today is grim, just like so many days so far this winter, grim, wet and windy, not a good day for dogs, but a good day to check over gear inside and ruminate at the announcement of the passing of yet another great product – Fuji […]

All systems go

Two days at the same site could not be so different. Following on from my trudge through the mud of the Gipping Valley path the other day making reference shots for a new Edgelands subject I weighed up the logistics of getting my gear into place to make the images I have in my mind’s […]

Pastures new

Despite the grim weather of late I am actively seeking pastures new for the extended shooting of Edgelands. Back in the summer I met Kate Jackson at Smith’s Row in Bury St Edmunds and we found that we had something in common in our approach to making bodies of work. Her abstract brutalism paintings are […]

Changing seasons and Ways with Words

First let me warn all my readers that the exhibition space Abbot’s Hall where Edgelands is showing is now on low season opening times. That is Tuesday-Saturday. Note NOT SUNDAY. We spent a few days in Southwold for the Ways with Words event and boy, was it wet and windy affair or what. That is […]

From Here to There

The last few weeks have been hectic since we got back from our Northumberland jaunt. I had to get started on preparing my presentation for the Swaffham Visual Arts Festival, shoot the Agile Business Conference and Mrs O had to put the final pieces in place for her mother’s affairs. The sunny week we had […]

A time of reflection

Much has happened in the last three weeks. Twelve months of graft came to a head with the opening of Edgelands where all manner of people from my current and past lives met for two hours in what an artist neighbour described to me today as a very good atmosphere, then melted away again. I […]

A Sheriff and Peers peering at Edgelands

Last night I attended a special PV for trustees of the Museum of East Anglian Life. The event had been scheduled separately to the opening PV on account of the huge positive response to invitations to the exhibition. Lisa Harris and I discussed possible dates weeks ago and we both thought that leaving a gap […]

That was a week that was…

Yes, a little play on words I know but the week has been a weird one. On Sunday last week I realised that Mrs O’s mum was travelling backwards in time far quicker than in the previous 30 months of her incarceration in the prison of dementia. I had become increasing dull following recent visits […]

Re-visiting Edgelands and missing treacle tart

This morning Mrs O and I went over to the Museum of East Anglian Life to see the exhibition on the first full day it was open to the public. I have virtually lived the exhibition since I completed the maquette with scale images but Mrs O was far too busy on the PV to […]