Latent images

I have been otherwise distracted of late what with work then the Christmas/New Year break complete with inappropriate large format weather systems, so it was a relief to gather 20 latent images back from the lab this week. I had forgotten how long ago November was but I was delighted to get these two images […]

Rat Poison, Water Towers and Dog Turds. It must be Southwold

Mrs O and I took a mini-break to Southwold, that quintessentially English seaside resort, the week before last. Mrs O went for the ‘Ways with Words’ event and I opted to look at the backside of Southwold, the landward side seen only by people walking the dykes and exercising and evidentially emptying their dogs. Now, […]

Place and Placement

Well now, I was recharging spiritual batteries in Southwold yesterday as at least they are batteries that I can recharge unlike the replacements for my recently stolen ones that are proving difficult to obtain. Enough of that. I took a leisurely stroll along the promenade towards the pier whilst Mrs O was learning all about […]

Changing seasons and Ways with Words

First let me warn all my readers that the exhibition space Abbot’s Hall where Edgelands is showing is now on low season opening times. That is Tuesday-Saturday. Note NOT SUNDAY. We spent a few days in Southwold for the Ways with Words event and boy, was it wet and windy affair or what. That is […]

Good weather – above par

Last week we were away. Mrs O had booked us into a holiday let in Southwold. In a sense, it was winding back three and a half years to September 2011 when we holidayed there but I was in Freshers week and only kipped there and had my tea most nights (I had to stay […]

Fish finger sandwich – Southwold style

Yesterday, the sun shone, just as it is today. Often on an Winter’s day when we get a high sitting over us and we happen to be not compelled to work, we will head up the coast to Southwold. We last went there on New Year’s Eve. I forgot that it was half-term until we […]