Yesterday I went to see Taylor Wessing 2014

I attended the Agile Business Awards on Thursday night in Bloomsbury Square. It was a lively affair and the lamb was cooked to perfection. No mean feat getting meat right for so many people. Anyway, somewhat tired as I was, I trudged down to the National Portrait Gallery and joined a queue of 3 people […]

Black and White request

Following a request about my recent post, I have recreated Maggi Hambling in Black and White. I’d say the ‘Jury’s out’ The eyes still have it.

The Jury’s out

I have not blogged much over the last two weeks as I have been on enforced jury service. I used to be exempt from sitting owing to previous employment but now anything goes. It was a real eye-opener on many levels. The first is the sheer amount of money and time wasted by poorly prepared […]

Oiling wheels

Last week was a hectic week. A thoroughly dull and wet bank Holiday saw me erecting my blow up Nova darkroom tent and cleaning and loading dark slides for 37 sheets of film – yes one odd sheet. I also serviced my Toyo 45A as I last used it in March and it is surprising […]

Salon des Refusés

For the third year running I received the Dear Jackie/John email from The NPG National Portrait competition. I doubt I shall bother entering again. I realised in the first submission that I was paying my share of the ‘crowd funding’  to pay off the prize winners. I was singularly unimpressed with the selection last year […]

Street Art and all that

Today I went up to London to collect my rejects from Taylor Wessing 2013 with Keith Locke who had managed to get into the last 300 selected from 5410 entries. Pretty good going for Keith and a stunning image to boot. On the way we diverted to the Whitechapel Gallery and detoured down Brick Lane […]