Punch drunk on Kodak

I’ve pushed myself of late to get the large format cameras out to make images outside of my normal seasonal window. It is fair to say that finding my desired high pressure windows with little wind has been a struggle but the sheer excitement of making the images using old equipment and the despatch of […]

There are scans and there are scans

A bit of a comparison here. The 4 seconds I spoke of the other night related to the availability of this type of light illuminating the subject. This was several minutes after sunrise as the sun had to reach an elevation of at least 5 degrees to cast rays of this wavelength on the buildings […]

…and a few minutes more

A few extras from yesterday. Still ploughing through the medium format negatives. An extra large format. All un-spotted as yet. No point doing that if I am going to scan again at higher resolution. Perhaps my favourite medium format of the site so far. The juxtaposition of the commercial silos holding barley from the vast […]

4 minute rule

Over the last year I have often been asked about how and when I make my large format images. Often as not I’ll say that sometimes I’m lucky to get 4 minutes of light at the right wavelength on the right day. Of late, and very late that is for me in my shooting season, […]

Blown away

This week has been very busy already. After a 15 hour working day yesterday starting at 0445, I had a lie in today until 0500. For the first time in weeks we had a dramatic drop in temperature forecast with light winds (below 10knots). I was so excited I could hardly get to sleep. I […]

Swaffham Visual Arts Festival & a potential new location for Alec Soth

On Trafalgar Day, also Mrs O’s birthday, dry rot discovery day, graduation day and now Swaffham Visual Arts Festival day I motored up to Swaffham with Mrs O through Thetford Forest. It was a wonderfully bleak drive through persistent drizzle that made for stunning autumnal colours. These days are rare and to be cherished. We […]

The kindness of other artists

Yesterday was a typically grim Easter Saturday. The afternoon brightened up somewhat not least of which was down to another opening of a new monthly exhibition at The Freudian Sheep . I got to know one of the proprietors whilst at UCS. Mossy was a Fine Art student, I a photography student. Since he and […]

A very busy week making new Edgelands images

It has been frenetic this week. After the lows of last week, sitting indoors with a woolly hat on with the heating on – never a good look says Mrs O, I have had to catch up on slipped deliverables for the extended shoot of Edgelands. One morning spent frozen to the bone and then […]

Natural reclamation

As of this past week, Edgelands has moved up a gear. Various impediments to progressing the extended shoot have now been overcome and a weather window has permitted  a second visit to a new location identified last November. The forecast for this morning was spot on or indeed in reality better than  spot on. I […]

What is beauty?

I am making work for the East Anglian Contemporary Group of the RPS. The project is on the Wet Dock and environs in Ipswich. Over the last month or so I have been looking out for aspects of the dock that would make for a contemporary series of images and I discovered this old lady […]