Owens by Ellice

I am very active in exhibiting work locally and nationally. It is important for artists to get their work into spaces that are open to a wide demographic. I had a very successful first solo exhibition that ran for 8 months at The Museum of East Anglian Life.

I have exhibited in group shows and I continue to support a local galleries in Suffolk.

I exhibit my photography on a regular basis alongside other artists working with different media and enjoy responding to other artists' work.

RPS International Print Exhibition 159

Owens was shortlisted in the Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 159 with this image from his extended Edgelands series made on Kodak Portra medium format film. It was one of 5500 entries. 100 images made the final list.

Owens by Ellice

The image was made at 16:30 on 4th March 2016 just as the sun was settling down towards the horizon

Group Exhibitions

Historic & Contemporary Photography 'equals' - Ipswich Art School Gallery

18th May - 1st September 2013

Slack Space Colchester

12th - 22nd June 2013

Ephemera Ipswich Town Hall

Artist-in-Residence with 'equals'
3rd - 14th September 2013

Lux Locus Spectaculo Ipswich Town Hall

15th April - 10th May 2014

Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust

March 2014 - to date

Lux Locus Degree Show Ipswich

June 2014

Lux Locus Free Range 2014

Truman Brewery
RPS Photobook Exhibition 2014 Shortlisted November 2014 RPS HQ Bath

The Freudian Sheep Ipswich

Various August 2014 - August 2016

6th-26th August 2016 "THE SHEEP'S GREATEST HITS' Note: This is the last collaborative show by artists before the owners' (Eleanor May & Ian Moss) swansong show for the final time in September before the gallery closes . I'm proud to be invited to exhibit in this final group show.


Beyond the Image Gallery
27th May - 19th June 2016

RPS International print Exhibition 159

Shortlisted with 'Muntons after Constable'

RPS International Photobook Exhibition - curator and exhibitor East London Photomonth

18th October 2016 - 23rd October 2016

Edition 5 with the Rooftop Collective as part of East London Photomonth

25th October 2016 - 30th October 2016

MF Gallery & Frames '2 Years Exhibition'

29th October 2016 - 26th November 2016

Kerseys "Ipswich Interpretations"

8th December 2016 - 8th June 2017

Photograd Anniversary Show

April 2017 University of Suffolk North Campus


April 17th-22nd 2018 at the Espacio Gallery Bethnal Green with Consuelo Simpson responding to my work with 5 other photographers and artists in conversation curated by Anna McNay


Ipswich Town Hall for the month of May as an official PhotoEast fringe show


Frame Workshop & Gallery Ipswich - a second coming throughout July

Estuarine Mud and others

MF Gallery & Framing Ipswich September