Life without hope is hopeless as they say. If anything, aspects of the last 10 months have been hopeless but that in the main is the hoplessness of our inept government who no doubt live in the hope that COVID-19 might just go away if only they can procrastinate long enough. For the rest of […]


I’m nursing cracked ribs at the moment which has curtailed my extraordinary work on building our extension. It is eye-opening to go from peak physical fitness to ambling and shuffling based on a momentary loss of concentration. Of all the things I have done during this build which has included digging and barrowing out 72 […]

68 tons and counting

What’s in a hole? It seems like a stuck needle but I have been very busy of late, in fact over busy since 1st August when building work started on this plot of ours. I have not had time to make any serious images with a traditional camera with being focussed on getting the ‘shed’ […]

Allotment success beats the building blues

There is nothing more forlorn than a building site put on hold where the builder has been laid off owing to third party intransigence and general dilatoriness. Much of my waking hours have been spent of late hand digging and barrowing 52 tons of earth, sand and rubble into skips. Progress has only stopped because […]

Shit happens, then there are green shoots

I have been away from this forum for some weeks now doing many other things including hanging our MEUS show in Ipswich Town Hall during May as an official fringe event for PhotoEast 2018, erecting¬† and painting a shed on the allotment, taking on another 10 rod allotment that was so overgrown Tigers could have […]