The busyness of ports

I am all fired up at present. It is 5 months until we open a biennial exhibition. I meet up from time to time with other itinerant photographers and we show our work in a public exhibition and it is all go at present preparing advertising material. Talking of exhibitions, I have struggled to get […]

Alert, Vigilant and gone for a Burton

I was alerted to the Trinity House vessel moored in the Wet Dock a few days ago but last night as I made my way from the station to the UCS campus to visit the ‘Untitled.’ degree show student’s exhibition last night at St Clement Church I noticed a revenue cutter was moored alongside the […]


  This arrived in the post(email) today. In 1971 I used to write out to ARPS and FRPS judges arranging competitions for the Crosby Camera Club. In those days I was (obviously) a callow youth and I set myself a goal of getting at least an ARPS when I was grown up. Well, I have […]

Graduate gradually slips back into the mainstream

Barely a month has elapsed since we opened in Free Range yet the degree results are out and whether we like them or not, it is all water under the bridge. There is no going back and this weekend signifies a major step into my rehabilitation into mainstream society. Looking back on 2 years 10 […]

And now it is all over – Degree show and Free Range 2014

The last 16 days have been a whirlwind of activities and events that have left me breathless. I always knew putting on two degree shows would be hard work by it was much harder than imagined, but also quite slick when all the parts moved together. Building and tearing down Ipswich showed some people in […]

Friday was the best and the worst day

Last Friday was the longest day ever as I waited at home for my very large C-Type prints to arrive from Metro following an exacerbating group meeting about our degree shows. I just had to get out of UCS as fast as possible that day which made the rest of the day arduous to say […]

The kindness of strangers

Yesterday was a strange day indeed. Instead of polishing off and topping and tailing my Professional Practice work folder, something that is a bit of an enigma this year, we were called into UCS for an emergency meeting. That meeting was on top of the self-directed team meeting on Monday where we all agreed to […]