Old dogs and new tricks

A fellow nomadic photographer chum remarked on Monday that he wanted trade in his RB for a Fuji GW670, also known as the Texas Leica. Well, yesterday I spent a hectic 8 hours scanning negatives for Year 3 students at UCS. I’m very impressed with the work submitted for scanning¬† and I’m looking forward to […]

Light is everything

In this game, light is all. In natural surroundings the only way to capture it is to be out there when it happens. Studio work can be quite attractive at times especially when conditions outside are grim but when the subject is outside then it is a question of grin and bear it. The last […]

Generating new Edgelands images

I’ve been busy this week on all sorts of fronts, Ipswich, Ashford and London and burning the candle processing 5 more rolls of Kodak Portra 400 developed by Peak Imaging. When I first got access to Muntons site I was drawn to this emergency generator. I loved the faded blue paint, and doesn’t blue fade. […]

There are scans and there are scans

A bit of a comparison here. The 4 seconds I spoke of the other night related to the availability of this type of light illuminating the subject. This was several minutes after sunrise as the sun had to reach an elevation of at least 5 degrees to cast rays of this wavelength on the buildings […]

Pulling more information out of Portra film

I have been conducting more tests on old favourites. Here is an example of a scene that can no longer be seen like this. I need to get down there with the large format cameras and see what I can capture without getting flattened by a dumper truck.   Same negative two different scanners. Without […]