And so it comes to this

Today has been a full on day. It started with emptying Mrs O’s mum’s effects from her room at the care home. It seemed rather weird given that we rolled up in the same car that I used to take her in on that dreadfully wet December evening. All she had with her that night […]

That was a week that was…

Yes, a little play on words I know but the week has been a weird one. On Sunday last week I realised that Mrs O’s mum was travelling backwards in time far quicker than in the previous 30 months of her incarceration in the prison of dementia. I had become increasing dull following recent visits […]

The phone call that was dreaded finally came

Yesterday, quite out of the blue the house phone rang and Mrs O picked up. It was the care home. This was the call she had been dreading for some while now. Her mum had died suddenly. No fuss, no melodrama, just went. I had noticed over the last month that she was travelling further […]

Testing times

It seems as if disasters are all around us, a passenger jetĀ  down in the sea in the Phillipines, a SAAB blown off a runway in Stornoway, a three legged Jumbo jet landing at Gatwick, two vessels cast adrift with refugees from Syria in the Med (patrolled by the Icelandic Border patrol – work that […]

Zenza Bronica – Kodak Portra 400

I paid a visit to the framing gallery this week to drop off some of my ‘Pictures from an exhibition’ series for mounting. They are going into the forthcoming Freudian Sheep exhibition ‘Small World’. Whilst I was at it, I decided to get this image taken at Felixstowe in early winter 2013 as an end […]


Today was not a good day. We took mother-in-law’s stuff to the auctioneers. What an unpleasant experience with predatory anaconda like humans with boggly eyes searching out what was being unpacked and that was after the ‘quality’ furniture had been discarded at the door. Not a nice place to be.

and then the cupboard was bare….

Yesterday signalled a very sad day indeed as we finally locked the door on my mother-in-law’s home. Barely 7 months have passed since we had to place her into a dementia care home and virtually 33 years since she put us up there when we moved from London to Felixstowe. Obviously the end of the […]

December 2012 draws to a close

After a busy start to December, things got really hectic. Little did I know that by the middle of the month I would have attended a funeral closely followed by the incarceration of mother-in-law in a dementia care home in the same week. The funeral was lovely, more than can be said for the care […]