I should have been out before sunrise today

I study the weather charts intensely to try and select optimum conditions for making my Edgelands work. This week has had some perfect conditions but circumstance or me being a bit dull or under the weather has meant missed opportunities. Friday presented perfect lavender grey clouds that render perfectly in Kodak Portra emulsion but I […]

Friday was the best and the worst day

Last Friday was the longest day ever as I waited at home for my very large C-Type prints to arrive from Metro following an exacerbating group meeting about our degree shows. I just had to get out of UCS as fast as possible that day which made the rest of the day arduous to say […]

Manic weeks and magic drum scanning

    The past week has been manic. I took 8 5×4 Portra 400 negatives into Metro Imaging a week ago Tuesday for drum scanning having failed to get the right colour reproduction on inkjet media at UCS. Whether this failure was due to me or the multiple layers of technology that these superb quality […]

Andreas Schmidt inspires UCS Students

Today has been a good day. My fellow ‘equals’ founder member Mel Belton had written to Andreas Schmidt asking for support for our forthcoming degree show. Not only did he gift us two books to auction he visited UCS to talk to us, donating his fee to our degree show¬† fund. He was thoroughly entertaining […]

Lux Locus

This is the moniker for our BA(Hons) Photography degree shows this coming June. I helped come up with the name by running a creative thinking session with some of my fellow students following the ‘equals = ephemera’ artist-in-residence event that we had in Ipswich Town Hall last September. This was put to a vote along […]

All systems go for last semester

Time is a strange dimension. Academic years are a strange dimension. Seasons are strange dimensions. Even when I was a spotty faced youth attending Grammar school back in the 60’s and early 70’s the Autumn term (we had terms in those days) always seemed the longest and after the New Year everything ran downhill rather […]