MEUS a fringe event

We are very lucky here in the East of England in that we have a biennial photo festival that is in its infancy. It began in 2016 and our local group of contemporary photographers ran a show to coincide it. That was our Contradictions show based on the docklands of the River Orwell. This year […]

A cold start

I decided to use the motor this morning. I was all walked out yesterday and getting to the Orwell Bridge with a shed load of gear is not that easy on foot. I pulled out of the garage to a bitterly cold morning but luckily for me no ice-scaping. It totally surprised me to encounter […]


Today, I tore down the Lux Locus Spectaculo show in Ipswich Town Hall. This is the last show that I will have curated during my 3 years at UCS. The next two shows, although billed as student shows will not necessarily be under my guidance, despite being a member of the curation team. Most importantly […]

Manic weeks and magic drum scanning

    The past week has been manic. I took 8 5×4 Portra 400 negatives into Metro Imaging a week ago Tuesday for drum scanning having failed to get the right colour reproduction on inkjet media at UCS. Whether this failure was due to me or the multiple layers of technology that these superb quality […]


I hung a new show today in Ipswich Town Hall. I and some fellow students from UCS ran the gauntlet of threatened tickets from over officious police to get work into Ipswich Town Hall for the last of our promotional activities before our degree shows. It never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is […]

That was the week that was

Phew! What a rollercoaster 10 days it has been. We had a spectacular response to our Auction at UCS and something like £2400 was raised to help fund the £7000 costs of going to Free Range. Very special thanks to all the donors of great work. especially to Sam Mellish and David Watson as Sam […]

Latest Large format landscape & portraits out of the can

The technician at UCS had a busy Wednesday last week whilst I was attending the Agile Business Conference in London. I had queued up 22 5×4 negatives plus countless rolls of 220, 120  and 35mm films over the last month and it has taken a weekend interspersed with research work to process them. Some of […]

Lights go out

This has been a roller coaster of of a journey these last 4 months and indeed these last 13 years. Four months of equals exhibiting work in three locations came to an end on Saturday after a hectic last day of our ‘ephemera’ event in Ipswich Town Hall as part of the inaugural Recreate Ipswich […]