Strange week

The past week has been full on and utterly exhausting. What with hanging the Trafalgar show at Prettys and the scary incident of a 24 year old fellow student working on the hang suffering a stroke, fitting in a 6 hour shooting day for Edgelands, researching for degree project and dissertation I feel wrung out. […]

All I want is a fairy on top now

So, I spent a total of 14 hours perfecting a hang of ‘equals’ work in the UCS Waterfront building over the weekend and Monday this week only to have my work blocked by an Oxfam display then  a midwife team going for a record and now to top it all a bloody Christmas tree plonked […]

Latest Large format landscape & portraits out of the can

The technician at UCS had a busy Wednesday last week whilst I was attending the Agile Business Conference in London. I had queued up 22 5×4 negatives plus countless rolls of 220, 120  and 35mm films over the last month and it has taken a weekend interspersed with research work to process them. Some of […]

Fuji PA-145 back on Toyo View

This has not been a good week for me. Coming down from an exhaustive but rewarding event as part of equals=ephemera to slump into post-admistrative treacle and a home without a dog that seemed to be very much bigger than he was, I needed to find something positive to do and when I finally got […]

Lights go out

This has been a roller coaster of of a journey these last 4 months and indeed these last 13 years. Four months of equals exhibiting work in three locations came to an end on Saturday after a hectic last day of our ‘ephemera’ event in Ipswich Town Hall as part of the inaugural Recreate Ipswich […]

Friday 13th September – ephemera

equals=ephemera’s penultimate day resulted in some interesting visitors and results. A day that started with having our dog Sam put down after living with us for 13 years had to have some positive results and a few are shown here. Let’s hope tomorrow will bring lots of people into our studios at Ipswich Town Hall.

After Radio

Well, Lesley Dolphin, BBC Radio Suffolk certainly did us a favour in Gallery 3 at Ipswich Town Hall. Visitors turned up today in what can only be described as singularly inclement conditions because they heard about us on the wireless. Here are a few pictures made today. The Scottish Widows lookalike  was made by Keith […]

equals = BBC Radio Suffolk

Today, I had a delightful wireless interview with Lesley Dolphin fromBBC Radio Suffolk. All in all it has been a good start to week 2 of our residency at Ipswich Town Hall. We have had repeat footfall and interest in our work. Couple that with with a gaggle of last year’s new intake about to […]

Busy ephemera Saturday

Saturday, as expected, was the busiest day of our first week in Gallery 3 at Ipswich Town Hall. We started off with a continuation of large format photographic techniques and created a new Rembrandt lighting arrangement in the low key studio using barn doors and snoots with honeycomb grids to control the lighting. The lighting […]