Perfect light between storms

It has been a wild week off and on with troughs ploughing from across the pond and it looks like a polar drift due next week. Topsy-turvy weather patterns play havoc with my wardrobe. One minute I am in Eskimo gear, the next I’m peeling off layers in sweltering in tropical heat, well that is […]

The mists of time and in the midst of idiots

The scariness and idiocy of driving standards in thick fog this week has left me speechless. I am glad that I have not had to venture out much onto the highways of England this week but it was always driving in thick fog that scared the bejeezus out of me primarily on account of other […]

Large format B&W – Ipswich Wet Dock

My last post showed latent images that I made in the Summer of 2016 at a revisited Edgelands site. Another long running project I am engaged in is making a documentary record of the seemingly endless changes presented to us along the docklands of the Orwell. I am very grateful to Richard Lister and his […]

DiCorcia, sliding doors and sausage dogs

Last Sunday, I spent the whole day on the roof of the UOS James Hehir Building with two other photographers making a record of changes to the Ipswich Wet Dock scene a year on from our last excursion up there. Mrs.O had said she would walk down at some point to see what was occurring […]

Light bulb moment

It dawned on me today as I tramped around the Wet Dock making reference images in advance of a weekend of waterfront festivities that yet another subtle change had taken place during a week that had seen me working at a different university. Of course I knew it was coming, but it was not the […]

PhotoEast and Contradictions

PhotoEast opened today. It is primarily based on and in the environs of the Wet Dock in Ipswich – signature setting for the long term CONTRADICTIONS documentary based on the ever changing aspects of the docklands of the Orwell. Bill Jackson is running sessions at The Cut in Halesworth. If you have dog, get down […]

Pulling more information out of Portra film

I have been conducting more tests on old favourites. Here is an example of a scene that can no longer be seen like this. I need to get down there with the large format cameras and see what I can capture without getting flattened by a dumper truck.   Same negative two different scanners. Without […]

Foggy and Clegg take lunch somewhere in Suffolk

It was a long day yesterday. I’m taking part in a longish project documenting the docklands of the Orwell with a number of of other photographers, commercial, professional and amateur. Ipswich wet dock has been recorded since the dawn of photography and this weekend saw the increasingly popular Ipswich Maritime Festival take place with thousands […]

Getting on with other work

The last year has been crazy getting Edgelands up and onto a wall and the last week has been even crazier but life and work go on. I’m looking at rebuilding this site so I started experimenting with new designs last week. It will take a while to work out what works best but I […]

Farms and Chernobyl

I did not step foot outside of the house yesterday but made up for it this morning. I popped out for a short walk at 0700 as shooting for the RPS Docklands project has been on the back burner of late as Edgelands has nosed it out. I got home at 0945 and the D810 […]