2 for 1

I have been away with Mrs. O to a favourite location in Cornwall. We last stayed in Mylor Churchtown in 2014 just before I formally graduated. Such is the popularity of the place, we had to book this past week last September! Talk about weather! OK, nothing like the Caribbean, but we had everything bar […]

Worth the wait

I’ve been making images of Kingfishers since 2008. I cannot begin to reconcile how many hours I have spent idling along a river in a boat or stood motionless in a spot where I knew of their whereabouts often as not freezing to the core or braced against a stiff breeze. Not once in countless […]

DiCorcia, sliding doors and sausage dogs

Last Sunday, I spent the whole day on the roof of the UOS James Hehir Building with two other photographers making a record of changes to the Ipswich Wet Dock scene a year on from our last excursion up there. Mrs.O had said she would walk down at some point to see what was occurring […]

Southwold distractions and Photoeast

Last week Mrs O and I spent another week in Southwold. We like to go when the grockles are not there and even though we are visitors, I don’t class ourselves as grockles as we live in the county and this is just another of our many resorts. I had hoped to photograph the cliffs […]

Gary Player & Kingfisher statistics

I’m often asked how I manage to capture images of Kingfishers. Most often, I respond by saying that I understand their behaviour and likely habitat and therefore I can anticipate likely sightings. Sightings are always, or nearly always preceded by an aural observation. Then, Golf comes into play, inasmuch as the famous statement attributed to […]

The female of the species is more reliable

My quest this week for Kingfisher images has not been as fruitful as in other years. I admit I might be two weeks earlier than last year but there is a definite drop in numbers and this was a mild if not warm winter. I don’t know if this is a common statistic across the […]

Other feathered things

Some days just sighting a Kingfisher is enough and somehow I know if the number is likely to be up with capturing one with the camera. Today was one such day with a sighting 30 minutes into an 8 hour trek then no more. The constant status of ‘Blue Alert’ that I immerse myself in […]

Female found loitering on dockside

A different female to the other day. These creatures are fiercely defensive of their territory. Even at 550mm they are quite small in the frame. Grebe are a tad skitish too. The forward one of this pair scudded throught the water at a rate of knots without removing her beak from her puffed out chest […]