Places revisited

So, a day off from building work today as the motley crew of East Anglian Contemporary photographers stuffed the latest edition of the RPS Contemporary Journal into envelopes for mailing. With the extremely cold snap, I dragged a camera bag out just in case something of merit awaited me and sure enough, the scary wood […]

All is not what it seems

I have been a bit perturbed of late with mud-slinging and ill-considered and rather quick attempts at finger-pointing by politicians. It is as if they have well and truly embraced sound bite culture with little thought for analysis until the post-mortem of the fallout. These same people will hide behind the slowly turning wheels of […]

Closed on a Tuesday FFS

I had to go up to town on Tuesday for a business meeting that concluded at lunchtime. I knew I had to write stuff up but the sun was shining, it was bitterly cold but London was shimmering like a necklace of precious jewels. Ah ha methinks, next meeting at the RSA off the Strand […]

The busyness of ports

I am all fired up at present. It is 5 months until we open a biennial exhibition. I meet up from time to time with other itinerant photographers and we show our work in a public exhibition and it is all go at present preparing advertising material. Talking of exhibitions, I have struggled to get […]

Back on location, and a bitterly cold one at that

I have vegetated of late, not in a totally senseless coach potato sort of way but nevertheless still vegetative when compared to my normal MO. Christmas came and went and I got stuck into the post production work on the 20 latent images referred to in my last post. That was very productive and so […]

Rat Poison, Water Towers and Dog Turds. It must be Southwold

Mrs O and I took a mini-break to Southwold, that quintessentially English seaside resort, the week before last. Mrs O went for the ‘Ways with Words’ event and I opted to look at the backside of Southwold, the landward side seen only by people walking the dykes and exercising and evidentially emptying their dogs. Now, […]

2 for 1

I have been away with Mrs. O to a favourite location in Cornwall. We last stayed in Mylor Churchtown in 2014 just before I formally graduated. Such is the popularity of the place, we had to book this past week last September! Talk about weather! OK, nothing like the Caribbean, but we had everything bar […]

Worth the wait

I’ve been making images of Kingfishers since 2008. I cannot begin to reconcile how many hours I have spent idling along a river in a boat or stood motionless in a spot where I knew of their whereabouts often as not freezing to the core or braced against a stiff breeze. Not once in countless […]

Always something new to learn

I’ve been getting my eye back in with a very obliging male Kingfisher. By getting my eye in, I mean retuning my responses and also re-learning the technobabble associated with using digital SLR cameras and lenses. It is light years away from but so close to using skills and techniques with large format film. Here […]

Game on

The other day, I reported the fact that I’d sighted my first estuarine Kingfisher of the autumn as I was making work on large format film at Cattawade. Low tide today was about 13:30 so no film was about to be wasted as I don’t like shooting in such bright conditions and they were indeed […]