Are our Police getting younger?

These days I ask that question a lot and it is not just police that seem to be younger than me, most people are. Not only are the police I have had to deal with of late younger, much younger than me there are very much fewer of them compared to years ago and I’m […]

More latent images

I normally do not shoot my Edgelands series during the summer months but this year I decided to revisit a place that has featured significantly in that series. The location is the old British Sugar factory entrance at Sproughton, a place that very much minded me of Keith Arnatt’s Miss Grace’s Lane, a series that […]

Of latent images

For the last 8 weeks normal service has been disrupted by events beyond my control. During the late summer I got a call from University of Suffolk to undertake a commission for the newly refurbished Atrium building. The resulting two images were made digitally and ended up being 11.9m and 8.1m in length. It turned […]

Well, I’d never be a tailor with stitching like that

Back of Tate St Ives building site

I know my eyes were weary yesterday after a Thursday starting at 05:30 in St Ives and finishing at 05:30 in Ipswich on Friday but what poor stitching in that 10 minutes after sunrise image! I noticed it only when I zoomed to full screen much later on. I had half expected some issues especially […]

Short-listings and heroes

Phew! What a week this has been. Monday afternoon was a treat but Tuesday was a planned gallery day. Three ‘old codger’ photographers trained it into the smoke and headed for the Photographers Gallery for two exhibitions  ‘Made you look: Dandyism and Black Masculinity’ and ‘Terence Donovan: Speed of Light’., then it was off to […]

Colour, tricycles and the passage of time

As is often my want when out on the bike first thing on a dry morning (I don’t do wet), I change my route on a whim. This morning I decided to check out the entrance to the British Sugar site at Sproughton, a happy hunting ground for Edgelands images. I chanced upon this new […]

Bad news and good news

Let’s face it, the news has been up and down and left and right since last Friday. I had a sense of foreboding before going to bed last Thursday night and to be frank the result knocked me off beam for several days. Sunday morning’s shoot of guerilla yarn-bombing of a street in Ipswich lifted […]

Light is everything

In this game, light is all. In natural surroundings the only way to capture it is to be out there when it happens. Studio work can be quite attractive at times especially when conditions outside are grim but when the subject is outside then it is a question of grin and bear it. The last […]

Blue on blue

Yes, more new Edgelands images, although the first is an opportunistic shot at the tail end of the shoot for the day. Everything on this site is re-cycled or processed to the point of limiting what goes off site. On each visit in the afternoon or early evening I have witnessed the sights and ominous […]

Generating new Edgelands images

I’ve been busy this week on all sorts of fronts, Ipswich, Ashford and London and burning the candle processing 5 more rolls of Kodak Portra 400 developed by Peak Imaging. When I first got access to Muntons site I was drawn to this emergency generator. I loved the faded blue paint, and doesn’t blue fade. […]