Punch drunk on Kodak

I’ve pushed myself of late to get the large format cameras out to make images outside of my normal seasonal window. It is fair to say that finding my desired high pressure windows with little wind has been a struggle but the sheer excitement of making the images using old equipment and the despatch of […]

Our dependency on others

I often wonder at the constant motion our world is forever in, not only the rotating aspect of the planet or the cyclical phase of the moon and stars but of those people who work tirelessly through the night to ensure our expectations are met. That could be anyone from the emergency services through to […]

Out of a dark place

The past six months have been very dark and not just because it was winter. We were the victims of a crime back in October that saw the perpetrator sent down for 3 years 6 months the week before Easter. During that time our focus was on our world and putting what was wronged right […]

Large format B&W – Ipswich Wet Dock

My last post showed latent images that I made in the Summer of 2016 at a revisited Edgelands site. Another long running project I am engaged in is making a documentary record of the seemingly endless changes presented to us along the docklands of the Orwell. I am very grateful to Richard Lister and his […]

…and a few minutes more

A few extras from yesterday. Still ploughing through the medium format negatives. An extra large format. All un-spotted as yet. No point doing that if I am going to scan again at higher resolution. Perhaps my favourite medium format of the site so far. The juxtaposition of the commercial silos holding barley from the vast […]

4 minute rule

Over the last year I have often been asked about how and when I make my large format images. Often as not I’ll say that sometimes I’m lucky to get 4 minutes of light at the right wavelength on the right day. Of late, and very late that is for me in my shooting season, […]

The mists of time

Misty mornings like today have been like hen’s teeth this winter. My mind was half-cocked this morning waiting for the alarm to go at 05:00 and the forecast was spot on. Bitterly cold and fog on the way. How time flies at this time of year. Getting up at this time last week was adequate […]

A very busy week making new Edgelands images

It has been frenetic this week. After the lows of last week, sitting indoors with a woolly hat on with the heating on – never a good look says Mrs O, I have had to catch up on slipped deliverables for the extended shoot of Edgelands. One morning spent frozen to the bone and then […]

Abbot’s and cake

The weather this morning was just about right for a few large format images at one of my new locations. The light was flatter than I expected but hey-ho, I’ll just have to wait for the Portra to get to the lab and back. I snook the D810 out with me and whilst the tripod […]

Tooks taken over

When I first came to live in Suffolk one of the first things to see on entering Ipswich from the West, was the Tooks bakery. It was a large rambling site of factory sheds and delivery lorries. One of Mrs O’s uncles was a director there so as we passed by it  I’d often hear […]