Places revisited

So, a day off from building work today as the motley crew of East Anglian Contemporary photographers stuffed the latest edition of the RPS Contemporary Journal into envelopes for mailing.

With the extremely cold snap, I dragged a camera bag out just in case something of merit awaited me and sure enough, the scary wood proved to be spot on. There was not much point in taking the large format gear with me as I don’t carry that for chance imagery.

Now then, regular readers will know of my predilection for making images from the same place or indeed spot. This one is as near as I could get to emulating a large format image that I exhibited in London last year from my Industrial Landscape series. I dared not stand upon that viewing spot as Spring has already started to push a carpet of narcissi or other such bulbous plant through the undergrowth. I know, ‘Leave only footprints’ but I would have crushed the life out of those emerging shoots.

Frosted bracken, signpost and veteran trees
Frosted bracken and signpost

Quite monochromatic but representative of the light today before the sleet came in.

It was good to have a camera in my hands rather than an impact driver, shovel or saw. I’m really looking forward to the build moving on so that I can get out and make more work. Bring it on!

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