I heard the news ….. Oh Boy

Last night there was a snippet of news on the BBC about Constable’s painting, ‘The Mill Stream’ having undergone restoration and conservation work. I was very lucky to have worked with Emma Roodhouse, Curator of Art at Ipswich and Colchester Museum Service as part of an internship between my second and third years at University. […]

Constable Country – Turner Sky?

I tried to make the best of the near still conditions yesterday morning, the calmest weather for over a month, to shoot some large format work at my current project locations. As with all things like this the wind or lack of it was perfect but the light at Freston Hill and Cattawade was dreary […]

Waldringfield rape and barley

At the beginning of the month I went in search of the Bowser in my earlier post. Could I find it? No such luck but a left here and a right there and suddenly before my eyes was a Constable and maybe a Monet unfolding. Out came the Toyo from the boot and the last […]