Wising up to things

OK, I’ve been quiet of late on account of having been very busy exhibiting in London and now in Ipswich. I have curated and organised most shows and exhibitions I have taken part in and my background dictates that things need to be planned to the nth degree and being prepared for just about anything […]

Have I cured myself?

Hot from the the run down to Cornwall and back I was eager to get out with the Ebony as a High had settled over the East. Previously I had reported the sighting of a Kingfisher as I made some large format work on 25th August and as a result had spent several hours getting […]

There are scans and there are scans

A bit of a comparison here. The 4 seconds I spoke of the other night related to the availability of this type of light illuminating the subject. This was several minutes after sunrise as the sun had to reach an elevation of at least 5 degrees to cast rays of this wavelength on the buildings […]

…and a few minutes more

A few extras from yesterday. Still ploughing through the medium format negatives. An extra large format. All un-spotted as yet. No point doing that if I am going to scan again at higher resolution. Perhaps my favourite medium format of the site so far. The juxtaposition of the commercial silos holding barley from the vast […]

4 minute rule

Over the last year I have often been asked about how and when I make my large format images. Often as not I’ll say that sometimes I’m lucky to get 4 minutes of light at the right wavelength on the right day. Of late, and very late that is for me in my shooting season, […]

Where did February go?

‘strewth, I cannot believe we are in March already. Today is grim, just like so many days so far this winter, grim, wet and windy, not a good day for dogs, but a good day to check over gear inside and ruminate at the announcement of the passing of yet another great product – Fuji […]

Black and White challenge – day 5

I agonised over what to post for this final image but finally settled on the Rural Idyll image. This was made at sunrise in June 2013 near Waldringfield. I had spotted this contraption during a winter’s drive when I decided to take a different route home from Woodbridge. After that I could not remember where […]

Fly tipping – here today, gone tomorrow

I have or should I say had found a new site to explore for my Edgelands project this past Tuesday. I re-visited the site today in impossibly bright conditions to find that my tableau of found offerings had mostly been cleared away. The berries were still on the bare shrubs but the fly-tipped detritus had […]

High Tension Shoot

I have never been keen on high tension power lines draping over built up areas and there has been quite a number of reports over the years regarding the affect they have on the poor souls domiciled beneath them. Well, today I got a taster of what it is like. After 22 days of fruitless […]

Recovered daffodils

The demonstration yesterday was a resounding success with money being donated to the Lux Locus Degree Show following my interactive teaching session at UCS. AnotherĀ  unique image from Polaroid type film – second generation!