The busyness of ports

I am all fired up at present. It is 5 months until we open a biennial exhibition. I meet up from time to time with other itinerant photographers and we show our work in a public exhibition and it is all go at present preparing advertising material. Talking of exhibitions, I have struggled to get […]

Suffering for art’s sake

Today, I’m reminded of why I choose to make most of my landscape work during the Winter months. I was up and out at an ungodly hour yesterday to catch the weeping darkness turn to light. This was an unnecessary but necessary quest. Last August Bank Holiday Monday I was up and out at a […]

The early bird gets the worm

With a Bank Holiday weekend fast approaching with a sequence of depressions hurtling like a magnet towards to the UK, the forecast for this morning was nigh on perfect for some large format work but, and there always is a but, low tide was not due at Cattawade Creek until 0830. The forecast for Monday […]

Light and light at Felixstowe

I went to a planning meeting today at Landguard. I collaborate with a group of nomadic photographers who exhibit the qualities of cats, and at times exhibit photographs. About the only time we meet up is when there is tea, coffee, cake or bacon butties on offer, otherwise we just do our own thing. This […]

One of the bluest days

I’ve read some stuff lately about the ancients not having a word to describe blue. How much of this is true I do not know but blue does encompass quite a wide part of the spectrum and is a colour I am drawn to. Something else I am drawn to is a bag of chips […]

Learning and the passage of time

Felixstowe docks at dawn

Just about 5 years ago next week I walked, if not bounced, through the doors of University Campus Suffolk to start the degree course I ought to have started in 1973. I have spoken about this before and the fact that I could not have produced the degree project I made in 2014 in 1976 […]

Cardinals and buoys

I might have been taken to a dodgy link at the weekend that reported a fire at the old Wardle Storeys building at Cattawade. I was otherwise busy with a make and mend phase on the back of our house, so much so I was painting windows at 0600 Sunday morning. After finishing off a […]

East of Greenwich

The weather of late has been a bit grim to say the least but thankfully not as grim as it has been up North. Years of misunderstanding of upland management and rivers management coupled with reactionary government have conspired with, it has to be said, global warming to exacerbate non-seasonal deluges of precipitation that ought […]

Subjective colour – CSCL Globe

I thought better of heading down to Felixstowe this morning. I really did not want my gear ending up in the North Sea unlike my fellow photographer in the last post. The wind had been quite gusty overnight but nothing like the Outer Hebrides. What an awful Shipping Forecast this morning. I did experiment with […]

CSCL Globe before daybreak

The weather yesterday afternoon, when I stumbled upon CSCL Globe berthed at Landguard with half the population of Suffolk blocking Viewpoint Road was dire. It is as equally if not more dire as I write this post today. I got a good vantage point yesterday┬á from the nature reserve with the elevated position overlooking the […]