Have I cured myself?

Hot from the the run down to Cornwall and back I was eager to get out with the Ebony as a High had settled over the East. Previously I had reported the sighting of a Kingfisher as I made some large format work on 25th August and as a result had spent several hours getting […]

Worth the wait

I’ve been making images of Kingfishers since 2008. I cannot begin to reconcile how many hours I have spent idling along a river in a boat or stood motionless in a spot where I knew of their whereabouts often as not freezing to the core or braced against a stiff breeze. Not once in countless […]

Always something new to learn

I’ve been getting my eye back in with a very obliging male Kingfisher. By getting my eye in, I mean retuning my responses and also re-learning the technobabble associated with using digital SLR cameras and lenses. It is light years away from but so close to using skills and techniques with large format film. Here […]

Antics on the Ant and suffering from the wind

I have been away. I knew my batteries were run down prior to this return visit to Norfolk in pursuit of both a busman’s holiday and getting away from it all. Mrs O had been concerned with me burning the candle at both ends before we went up to these foreign parts and I had […]

Gary Player & Kingfisher statistics

I’m often asked how I manage to capture images of Kingfishers. Most often, I respond by saying that I understand their behaviour and likely habitat and therefore I can anticipate likely sightings. Sightings are always, or nearly always preceded by an aural observation. Then, Golf comes into play, inasmuch as the famous statement attributed to […]

The female of the species is more reliable

My quest this week for Kingfisher images has not been as fruitful as in other years. I admit I might be two weeks earlier than last year but there is a definite drop in numbers and this was a mild if not warm winter. I don’t know if this is a common statistic across the […]

Female found loitering on dockside

A different female to the other day. These creatures are fiercely defensive of their territory. Even at 550mm they are quite small in the frame. Grebe are a tad skitish too. The forward one of this pair scudded throught the water at a rate of knots without removing her beak from her puffed out chest […]

March is a month that can bite you on the bum

March is a vicious month in my opinion. I have had everything today, torrential downpours, snow, sleet, glorious sunshine, bitingly cold wind, stupendous cloudscapes and all that blows away with the cavorting of a particular female. With the tail wind ruffling her feathers, this female Alcedo Atthis brightened my day. Fitting that this was a […]

Decades come and go

I stayed up late last night, way past my bedtime to see out my 6th decade. I used to play golf before I went off to UCS to study photography and I still find the spring lushness and azaleas of Augusta National awe inspiring. So Mrs O elected to knit and watch telly in her […]