Out of a dark place

The past six months have been very dark and not just because it was winter. We were the victims of a crime back in October that saw the perpetrator sent down for 3 years 6 months the week before Easter. During that time our focus was on our world and putting what was wronged right […]

Learning and the passage of time

Felixstowe docks at dawn

Just about 5 years ago next week I walked, if not bounced, through the doors of University Campus Suffolk to start the degree course I ought to have started in 1973. I have spoken about this before and the fact that I could not have produced the degree project I made in 2014 in 1976 […]

Cardinals and buoys

I might have been taken to a dodgy link at the weekend that reported a fire at the old Wardle Storeys building at Cattawade. I was otherwise busy with a make and mend phase on the back of our house, so much so I was painting windows at 0600 Sunday morning. After finishing off a […]

Blue, today’s colour is blue

All of a sudden we have gone from Arctic conditions to typical British summer weather in about 48 hours. The wind is still from the North but what blue skies we get with a polar blast? The clarity of the skies and the blueness is something I tune into at this time of year before […]

It does not have to be sharp

I am a fussy myopic, or at least that is what an optometrist told me back in the 80’s. Apparently, according to him people with my eye condition are more likely to wear the coating off their lenses through obsessive cleaning in the quest for pin sharp resolution. Long-sighted people, he said, could get away […]