Today the egg-timer sands began to run again

Regular readers of this blog will know that I have been trying to put together a successful Grants for the Arts application. My first attempt was rejected in late October and today I submitted my second attempt for funding to shoot the extended Edgelands project, so 6 weeks from now I should know the second decision. I am extremely grateful for all the help I have had from my partners and others who have given their time generously to make this project a success. It was also financial year end so I was not too upset at having to stay indoors today. At one point I re-read parts of my dissertation. That was the first time since March this year and it read quite well even if I do say so myself. That was the least inviting module on mpaper for my degree but it turned out to be a fascinating piece of research.

I recently bought some Kami scanner fluid and I have tried out some 5×4 and I think there is an overall better result and less dust to clean. There will always be specks and fibres to remove whatever method is employed. A while back I got into recovering negatives from Fuji 100C instant film. The problem I had with scanning those negatives was creating Newton’s Rings with the negatives on the scanner glass so I had to cobble together  home made mount to raise them off the glass but these negatives are quite thin compared to 5×4 so they were not flat and getting the focus position right was very hit and miss. Not so with the Epson Fluid Mount accessory.

Apart from the problem caused by the pin-prick holes in these negs made by me when I hung them to dry, they would have been perfect under the Mylar with the Kami fluid.. I need to ensure that mounting 5×4 is in a cleaner environment though. I’ve never ever seen a negative absolutely free of any imperfection so I’ll just have polish up my act a bit. I have yet to try 120.

Artist sits for students
Artist sits for students

Last November/December we were given a pack of Fuji and told to photograph other people not known to us as a group. I knew Jason as someone who always had a cheerful ‘hello’ but the the others in my group had no idea who he was. He took up my request graciously and sat in a cold room in Long Street whilst a RZ67 was cranked through it’s paces. I’ve spotted out the dust from this negative but left the saved imperfections as they are. The combination of medium format bokeh and the altered chemistry following the recovery process make for a very pleasing portrait in my opinion. Every one of these negatives comes out differently whilst the positives were almost always predictable.

Light reading maybe for dissertation writers?
Light reading maybe for dissertation writers?

Conversion to Black & White makes for very pleasing images. This is another of Jason. I don’t believe I actually focused the camera or released the shutter but all the recovery and post processing is down to me.

B&W conversion - not cleaned up properly.
B&W conversion – not cleaned up properly.


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