Dog waste

Dog waste - Florida or Ipswich?
Dog waste – Florida or Ipswich?

I was out early this morning, an hour before daybreak but it was such a dark morning compared to yesterday which was impossibly bright. The temperature was up by at least 6 or 8 degrees. Such is Winter in temperate climes.

I checked out the shipping movements for the dock and tide times and it was one of those in-between sort of days neither one thing or another in terms of tide. Yes, a big spring but not good timing light-wise. Being the big return to work day traffic was building up quite early on so another good reason to forsake the bike.

As part of the RPS project I’m engaged on, I’m always looking for different takes on the dock scene. I was sure I had clocked a Florida registered vessel before. Is this an indication of economic progress? Renting hard standing for USA motor yachts must be a bonus for local employment.

As usual this festive season, I have noticed an increased level of deposits of dog shite on the pavements. We have had dogs for 28 years of our 36 together and it really annoys me when I see the pavements littered with dog turds. I somehow think it might be visiting relatives with their dogs who go out and let them dump indiscriminately leaving uncharted hazards for us to tread in in the dark. I’m all for the DNA idea talked about on the wireless this past week. If all dogs are chipped and have DNA swabs taken and placed on a national database then the miscreant owners can be traced and dealt with.

Luckily I did not tread in any this morning.



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