Pastures new

Despite the grim weather of late I am actively seeking pastures new for the extended shooting of Edgelands. Back in the summer I met Kate Jackson at Smith’s Row in Bury St Edmunds and we found that we had something in common in our approach to making bodies of work. Her abstract brutalism paintings are very striking and the  subject matter is very recognisable.  My work is nothing like that but the way we engage with our landscape is very similar.

I had found that as I explored more of Suffolk’s edgelands that I was being drawn to what I have coined as ‘agridustrial buildings’. This came about from shooting the Great Blakenham incinerator. It is the only image of that type in the series so far but with any long term body of work, paragraphs become chapters that become books.

It was the gift of the curator for choosing that image to advertise the exhibition at the Musem of East Anglian Life and that became the catalyst for Kate suggesting we collaborate. I’m looking forward to that after her next solo show ‘British Road Movies’ at Culford School.

I’ve started making images of the British Sugar factory at Bury St Edmunds but the drama of the plume has finished already this winter so I ‘ll have to wait for the next campaign in the autumn – not that far away now as January draws to a close!

In my quest to explore the county for agridustrial buildings I had begun to  notice our grain silos in Ipswich docks and the maltings silos at Muntons in Stowmarket.

The viewpoints for the maltings are not really accessible from the roads either side and with an intercity railway line running down the side of the works and intersected with the Gipping there was only one thing to do and that was to slither around the floodplain on foot looking for viewpoints.

This I have done today and things are looking bright.

Atom Heart Mother came to mind as I crossed the Gipping this afternoon.

Gipping Valley Path

I know it is nothing like the album cover but that came to mind as these beasts decided to become quite active as I stepped through the kissing gate. It was easier walking back along the main road.

Vistas are now noted. Logistics are now the problem.



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