Good Weather

These troughs that keep hitting us are beginning to get on top of my shooting schedule.

Dear Lord, did we have some grim stuff over the weekend. I felt for people working at sea as I knocked up dinner for our guests on Saturday night. It is not that often the forecast starts with ‘There are warnings of gales in all sea areas except Biscay…” What with gusts to storm force 10, and sleet or snow I was glad of the one pot belly pork, puy lentils and winter greens plus a roaring fire in the hearth.

It is this wind and wetness plus low springs at the wrong time of day that is hindering progress but there is much else to do than shoot large format film at present. Just like these troughs tracking in one after the other, I have exhibitions stacking up also with the Espacio in April, followed by Ipswich Town Hall in May as a fringe event for Photoeast 2018, and MEUS in July. My work is cut out in final post-production work.

It is not until the scaled print sized image is on the screen that imperfections come to light. Better to trap them early though before shelling out several hundreds of pounds on each exhibition sized print. We don’t have a title yet for the April show but that ought to out of the blocks by Friday this week but what is exciting is that artists working in other media were invited to respond to an open call to exhibit with us and Consuelo Simpson is responding to my work. I had not seen her work until we met in London last week and it is a joy to see how other people respond to and see connections with other artists. My edit is done so I cannot wait to see what Consuelo will come up with to respond to my selection which have all been made on 5×4 Kodak Portra sheet film.

Having goggled rather too much at imperfections in the dull and dank weather of the weekend there was a window this afternoon to grab some images down and around the dock here in Ipswich. The light was perfect. Here are two that made my day.

Boats and dock with buildings on distant quay
Good Lord, Bistro, Architects, Pizza bar, Pub, Church and Hotel. Not what docks used to be.

Now this one makes me dizzy but being a dock estate I was intrigued to see port and starboard-hand traffic cones plus obligatory rat trap.

Three red and white, one green and white traffic cones

The luxury yacht services are rumoured to be going down the drain in these parts. Is this a portent?

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