I’ve spent 8 days out of the last two weeks teaching Business Analysts to always ask the question ‘Why?’.

Being a bit out of condition and not having harmed any film since 21st January and left it too late for early doors with the large format gear, I thought I’d better explore the Gipping if only to check out the accessibility of the river path. The last time I walked up there it was nigh on impossible. I was pleasantly surprised to see that much as been done to manage the encroaching scrub.

The river was frozen in parts, to be expected after the recent cold snap. I had hoped to see a Kingfisher or two in the clear areas but sadly just Moorhens and rats.

I was not expecting to find this though.

Leaking paint tin on river ice

Why? Just why? I am no lover of magnolia paint but what type of tosser does this?


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