Latest Large format landscape & portraits out of the can

The technician at UCS had a busy Wednesday last week whilst I was attending the Agile Business Conference in London. I had queued up 22 5×4 negatives plus countless rolls of 220, 120  and 35mm films over the last month and it has taken a weekend interspersed with research work to process them. Some of the large format work is shown below.



Ektar 100. I have never used this film before but given the right light it is stunning.




Portra 160 – a tad soft on the iris but a very pleasing portrait of Alastair Bartlett shot whilst being resident in Ipswich Town Hall as an artist-in-residence with the ‘equals’ ephemera event.




Ektar 100




Ektar 100. I am shooting this location as a practice for my planned shoot at St Clements Hospital. Just to get into the groove of setting up before sunrise. Golden hour written all over it.


And another one!



Portra 160 shot whilst resident in Ipswich Town Hall as part of the first Recreate Ipswich event. I took in a book on studio lighting and got fellow students to re-enact  a setup. This evolved from that exercise where we tried to do the Three Graces but fully clothed!

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