Dog waste

I was out early this morning, an hour before daybreak but it was such a dark morning compared to yesterday which was impossibly bright. The temperature was up by at least 6 or 8 degrees. Such is Winter in temperate climes. I checked out the shipping movements for the dock and tide times and it […]

So much has changed since the dog died

Today’s weather would not be good for dogs. Ours would have turned his nose up at having to go out in this, I very nearly did so in doing the messages this morning which is why I got to thinking about our locale. Every morning he would trot, and he did trot almost like a […]

A cold start

I decided to use the motor this morning. I was all walked out yesterday and getting to the Orwell Bridge with a shed load of gear is not that easy on foot. I pulled out of the garage to a bitterly cold morning but luckily for me no ice-scaping. It totally surprised me to encounter […]

Just chillin’

I don’t know who Dave was. Yesterday, in my excitement over the Kingfisher, I decided not to post any of the other images I made. This bench on the Gipping path is something I see when I do my regular bicycle ride. This morning it was still raining here so no bicycle exercise for me, […]

Laid up and empty

I was out on the morning of the 22nd December capturing pre and post-sunrise images around Ipswich and the Wet Dock. The pre-dawn bustle of activity as people arrived for work at the Willis building was in stark contrast to the laid up vessels on the future ‘enterprise island’ and the as yet forlornly empty  […]

Alert, Vigilant and gone for a Burton

I was alerted to the Trinity House vessel moored in the Wet Dock a few days ago but last night as I made my way from the station to the UCS campus to visit the ‘Untitled.’ degree show student’s exhibition last night at St Clement Church I noticed a revenue cutter was moored alongside the […]

Mixed feelings

Yesterday was a strange day. It is two years ago tomorrow that I maneuvered mother-in-law into the care home but it was on the Friday, a very wet Friday that the move took place in the dark that can only come from a December evening. These thoughts ran through my mind as I scuttled down […]

What is beauty?

I am making work for the East Anglian Contemporary Group of the RPS. The project is on the Wet Dock and environs in Ipswich. Over the last month or so I have been looking out for aspects of the dock that would make for a contemporary series of images and I discovered this old lady […]