Of things past

I took a day off yesterday and went up to town to take in a few photography exhibitions. I’ve been in town a lot of late but working between 0830-1730 means that there is no opportunity to take in the offerings, so it was back in on a cheap ticket and what a bargain that was.

As is my want, I head for the Photographer’s Gallery  first and I had earmarked the current show by Wim Wenders before it opened. I came to using Polaroid very late in my career and am saddened at the demise of pack-film for use in  my large and medium format cameras. I was not disappointed in the show, not in the slightest. What I found was a permission if you like, a validation as it where for some of the stuff that I do when I’m working away, such as making images from my hotel room. Wenders did this between recording scenes for film making and recording the seemingly banal everyday life situations. The labelling was minimal and I have to say it was the black and white that got my attention and then, I saw a sequence of black and white with the date 8th December 1980. The penny dropped. This was the day that John Lennon was shot dead, and this was the same date some 37 years on. It made my hair stand on end, and I don’t have much these days but stand it did.

B&W polaroids by Wim Wenders thay Lennon was shot and killed
The day Lennon was shot dead. Images by Wim Wenders

I had a similar spooky coincidence on Tuesday this week on my way to a reunion. The tube door opened at Cannon Street and there, out of millions who travelled that day was one one of my ‘reunionists’ just 3 feet from me. More than a coincidence with two events in one week?

Then it was on to the V&A to take in ‘Into the Woods’ – an exceptionally good exhibition, followed by a very good show of Ruff’s work at the Whitechapel Gallery with vast oversized portraits taking the show.

I then popped into the LIP show at the Truman Brewery. I have to say the hang left me confused,  and dazed(sic). The hang was not all to my liking, but hey, after three class acts, it was always going to be difficult. I’m not always a fan of how a curator deals with work by different artists but the V&A have got it right with work by artists as diverse as Ansel Adams and Mark Edwards in the same space.

Today, they say, is another day and I got a new book through the post from the RPS London branch who have made work relating to the tunnels for the Elizabeth line. It was worth every penny. That was there waiting for me after the morning messages when I just had to take the shot.

Early morning winter shot of closed beauty parlour with matching pink sky
Beauty parlour Ipswich





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